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Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Rehabilitation

Our progressive treatment programs are created for addicts, by addicts. Our wide range of services help ease the stress of early recovery and greatly increase the probability of long term success


Our 30 Day program is designed to allow the client to attend his/her treatment, while also fulfilling obligations to school, work, home, family and 12-Step Groups.

30 Day Program

Our relapse prevention group programs are designed to help addicts identify and deal with triggers that could lead to a potential relapse.

Relapse Prevention

For those who can't or won't thrive in a group environment, we offer individual sessions to help addicts and their families grow in recovery.

Individual Counselling

Recovery Testimonials


The assignments focus on all aspects of addiction and recovery, experiences, mistakes, and how to move forward


I leave Susan Ulmer Counselling healthier than I've been in years, with a more confident outlook on life


I was at a place in my life where I was hopeless. Susan is a godsend, and I am extremely grateful to have met her


Today I have the willingness and freedom which I haven't had in such a long time. You helped me build up my strength and courage to fight my addiction


Thank you for my recovery. It means so much to me, because you have actively contributed to me personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


Susan provided me with an intense outpatient therapy for alcoholism and addiction which provided me with the tools and skills that have aided in my recovery. Overall this was one of the most positive and beneficial programs I have ever received.


I tried to quit on my own many times, but with no success. Susan Ulmer Addiction Services gave me the right answers to what I need to know to help me quit drinking.


This program is truly amazing. Today I feel much better about myself and recovery. You get the tools to be able to deal with the everyday issues that everyone struggles with.

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